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The first target group consists of inactive women who are art talented; willing to deal with ceramics art handicrafts as a hobby and develop themselves in this art line; bring their children into this scenario for encouraging them to also enjoy arts, improve in-family communication via art exercising, strengthening mental relaxing and mental health of both themselves and their kids; sell their art products for receiving a regular income in the form of a part-time employment/self-employment. The essential keyword here that primary target group are “enthusiastic” and “dedicated” besides bearing natural “talent” and “basic skills”. We name them CHMEs in wmn&ART, originating from “Ceramic Handicraft Micro Entrepreneurs“.


The second target group, the “Art Mentors“, will also benefit from the project in many ways, including receiving further professional development in mentoring skills. They will have the option to exploit mentoring training from wmn&ART, collaborate with other mentors within art focused activities and mentoring, establish mentoring relationship with their mentees (CHMEs).